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as greeting cards, bookmarks, coasters and other papercraft gifts are what Design & Rhyme is all about. The Wincey Mills Co. in Paris, Ontario is our market venue, although you can also find Design & Rhyme products at Green Heron Books and The Paris Musum shop.

Greeting cards

are the mainstay of pictures and words delivering a personal message. Images and text work well together in our visual world. Websites, graphic novels, and collage are popular examples of how text engages the left brain, helping to make sense of what we’re seeing, providing essential rhythm an

Poster board on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta

d texture to our lives.

Words can work magic. Many of us shop for “just the right card” for an occasion and it usually goes like this: an image jumps out at you, you then open the card up to read the verse, and it’s either a keeper or it goes back on the shelf.

gift cards

Semi abstract artwork by Jocelain Hitchox make intriguing blank gift cards

Blank cards allow you to express a personal message. Online and on site you can choose a blank slate or delve into our collection of classic quotations or quirky prose to express what you want to say. Whether it’s a single card, fifty holiday cards, or a big “snail” mail-out for your wedding, you’ll find an creative solution here.


enhance the shopping experience by involving you in the process of creating. Share your knowledge of creating arts and crafts while in a community of other artists and entrepreneurs. Our sometimes “pop-up” workshops bring you into the fold of the joy of losing track of time while creating something unique. You can visit one of our actual hands-on locations or read the weekly blog of creative ideas in papercrafts.

Beach scen on Lake Erie in Ontario Canada

Photograph taken by Jocelain at Rondeau Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada

Another type of workshop is one designed by you for your special event.  We listen to who you are, whaat you like in our current line, and help plan the perfect papercraft birthday or other even party!

This website will soon be a virtual shop so stay tuned and watch the transformation!